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Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: Sure
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing I can think of, I will let you know if I'm uncomfortable.


Hugging this character: If Misa doesn't get to hugging you first!
Kissing this character: Be prepared for a slap but yes.
Flirting with this character: Flirt away
Fighting with this character: Misa is not a fighter, at all. Your character should have no problem subduing this 90 pound idol. Doesn't mean she won't hit you though, and you're welcome to shock her by hitting back.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Check with me first but this is probably fine.
Killing this character: I'm open to it but again talk with me OOC first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it!


Misa made the trade for shinigami eyes, which enable her to see the real name and lifespan of living humans, though she does not know how to read the lifespans. This works with videos as well as photos, as long as the majority of the face is not obscured— essentially, if the person is recognizable. If the person is dead, she sees nothing. If the person owns a Death Note, then she will only see their name.

Please let me know if:

1) Your character is inhuman (but looks human), in which case she will see nothing.
2) Your character is taken post-death in their canon, in which case she will see nothing.
3) Your character has no real name/only has one name/we don't know their real name, in which case we should decide on something together.
4) Your character goes by a fake name, in which case she will see their true one if they interact.

Hadriel App

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Player name: Pensulliwen
Characters currently in-game:


Character Name: Misa Amane
Character Age: 25
Death Note
Canon Point:
Chapter 69
History: Link
Personality: On the surface, Misa seems to have a very straightforward personality: the typical cutesy anime girl. She is hyperactive and wears her emotions on her sleeve, letting everyone know exactly what she thinks and reacting to things in over the top ways. She is very physical, hugging or kissing people when she’s happy and liking to link arms with others while walking; Misa can be seen clinging to Light nearly every time she is with him. However, while she gives off the impression of being an airhead, it is made clear on several occasions that this is partially an act. As a model and actress, Misa cultivated this stage appearance and carries it over to her everyday interactions, leading many people to underestimate her. Her true intellect is seen when she uses her shinigami eyes to discover that Light is Kira without revealing herself to him, and when she tricks Higuchi into giving her evidence to prove that he is Kira. She does truly have ditzy aspects to her personality and is a very emotional person, but often Misa carefully calculates how much innocence and charm to exude in different situations.

Misa is fiercely loyal, to the point where she will do anything that Light says (except, she claimed, for letting him date other girls— but despite this she never went through with her threat to kill any of Light’s other women, most notably Kiyomi Takada). This devotion to Light began the first time they spoke, due to what she calls love at first sight. During this meeting Misa stated on multiple occasions that she was fully aware of the fact that Light would only be using her; she simply didn’t care, wanting to help him in any way that she could. Misa was willing to act as Light’s tool as long as he wished while holding onto the faint hope that someday she could make him love her. Beyond this, Light is seen constantly mistreating her, especially as the series goes on and he begins to lose control— he yells at her when he’s frustrated, letting down the calm appearance he projects to other people because he knows that she will accept whatever he does. She is seen unsuccessfully trying to lure him away from work by wearing lingerie twice, and simply flinches when she offers him a drink and he smacks it away, or a question prompts him to yell at her to shut up. Despite her naturally loud and overbearing nature, when it comes to Light, Misa is utterly subservient.

In spite of all of this, Misa is genuinely happy when she is with Light, and loves him more than anything; when he tells her to quit her career to marry him, Misa agrees in a heartbeat. Nothing is more important to her than earning Light’s love, even after she has convinced herself that he truly loves her. Every task he gives her is completed with the thought “this will make Light love Misa even more!” in mind. Despite functioning well on her own beforehand, Misa completely submits to Light the moment they meet, offering him her Death Note and saying that she will do whatever he says from now on (in exchange for being his girlfriend, a point that she does insist on and gets her way with). In the beginning, this only applies to Kira related things; Misa disobeys Light quite a few times, coming to see him when he told her not to and arguing with him, but eventually this spreads to apply to every part of their relationship. While she is completely devoted from the start, Light only grows more and more important in Misa’s world over their years together, until there is room for little else. Her obsession strengthens as they continue to interact, to the point where there is very nearly nothing that she wouldn’t do for Light. Light says jump, Misa says how high?

Beyond simply being loyal to Light, Misa is completely devoted to the entity that is Kira. Before knowing of Light’s existence, she was determined to find Kira due to regarding him as her savior. Misa’s parents were killed before her eyes by a robber, and she watched as the murderer’s trial was put off until it looked like he would be released; she wished that she could kill him, but didn’t know how or what to do. Kira appeared to her like a god of divine justice, killing the robber for her, and Misa devoted herself to him heart and soul, wanting to show her gratitude. This consumes her to the point where she thinks nothing of taking an innocent life in order to achieve her objective; after getting her Death Note, Misa kills several police officers that get in her way and immediately offers to kill her friend if Light wants her to without another thought. Despite continuing to believe in Kira’s ideals— namely, that criminals should be punished to make a new world filled with only good people— when it comes to killing, Misa thinks very little of human life. Her ideals often do not match her actions, partially because Misa is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her objectives and partially because no one can compare to how important Light is to her. Misa is very social and can make friends easily, but the rest of the world dwells on a completely different plane of existence from Light. She might legitimately like someone and have feelings for them, but if Light told her to kill that person then she would do it without a hint of hesitation. Even Kira comes second to Light; when Misa loses her memories and does not know that they are one in the same, she states that she looks up to Kira as a savior and supports him, but would willingly help capture him if it was what Light wanted. However, this does not lessen how much she cares about Kira. Light is simply on another level.

While she is intelligent, Misa is also reckless. She is willing to take risks and doesn’t always think things completely through if her emotions distract her. While the men around her depend on cold logic, Misa lives in the moment and is far more dependent on her love for Light and worship of Kira to dictate her actions. She is also extremely willing to sacrifice herself for Light’s sake. It’s hard not to take her claim that she would willingly die for him seriously when she proves it many times over— begging Rem to kill her when L held her captive so that she could not betray Light, after going without food or water for three days. Throwing herself into dangerous situations without a thought toward her own safety, such as introducing herself to Higuchi as the Second Kira with the intention of double-crossing him, despite knowing that he could easily kill her. Halving her lifespan twice in order to be Light’s eyes. Even in the little things, such as walking to a train station alone at night when just a look from Light tells her that he doesn’t want to go, despite the fact that she was attacked by a stalker not a year before in a similar situation. Some of it can be attributed to the fact that she knows Rem will save her, and she also knows that Light is a genius, trusting him to act in her best interest even when she has absolutely no reason to. But a large part of it is simply that she does not stop to think about her own safety when it comes to pleasing Light. Misa is, in every sense of the word, blinded by love.

Inventory: Just the clothes on her back and an elegant looking pen.

Abilities: Misa made the trade for shinigami eyes, which enable her to see the real name and lifespan of living humans, though she does not know how to read the lifespans. This works with videos as well as photos, as long as the majority of the face is not obscured— essentially, if the person is recognizable. If the person is dead, she sees nothing. If the person owns a Death Note, then she will only see their name.

Misa excels in social situations and is very cunning when it comes to manipulating people into getting what she wants.

Flaws: Where to start. Misa is an incredibly chaotic character when it comes down to it, acting on impulse with little regard for the safety of herself or others so long as she gets what she wants. She is a mass murderer for one thing, killing up to a hundred thousand people over a span of five years. Most of them those that she views as evil criminals, though she has no compunctions about killing anyone who gets in her or Light's way. Remove the Death Note from the equation and she is thoroughly declawed where killing is concerned, but her intent and disregard for non-Light human life remains. All this despite considering herself a good person, even a hero, fighting to make the world a better place.

Misa is also manipulative and prone to taking things way too far, such as stalking Light and forcing him to accept her as his girlfriend despite his initial refusal. She excels in drawing someone in with honey only to snap the trap on them. Using her bubbly personality to charm her way into favors and slipping the rug out from under those who consider her stupid are standards in her tool kit.


Action Log Sample:

Misa draped herself across the new bed with an exuberant smile, eyes traveling around the room for the third time in as many minutes. It wasn’t a spectacular room, by any means; she had stayed in far nicer ones. But it was their room. Not too big, not too small; practical, with sparse furnishings that she thoroughly planned to improve upon in the future, but they spoke of Light in a way that made happy butterflies bubble up through her chest. Right now, it was his room. And she was a part of it. It was enough to bring a squeal of delight to her lips.

She shifted, letting the strap of her sheer pink nightgown slip off her shoulder on one side, and arranged her legs so that the material bunched a little to only barely cover her backside; someone coming through the door might even catch a glimpse of her matching panties. And so, she waited. It was only a few minutes before she heard the tell-tale sound of a key scraping against the lock; her heart skipped a beat.

“Welcome home, Darling!”

Misa grinned, posing just so as Light entered the room, closing the door behind him. He glanced at her, and glanced away. Her heart fell a bit at the disinterest in his eyes, as it always did, but that only lasted a second; Light was tired from a long day at work, of course. She could comfort him, it was her job make sure that he was nice and relaxed for their first night in a place of their own.

“Hello, Misa.” It came out like an afterthought, but that was okay; her Light really worked too hard. He was already at his desk, setting down folders containing far too many boring words and pictures for anyone to mull over for long.

“Aren’t you coming to bed?” she prompted as he pulled out the chair. He paused a moment, before sitting down.

“I have a lot of work to do.”

Misa pouted, jutting out her lower lip in a way that she knew would have to make him come over if he would just turn around to see it. But he didn’t, so she pushed herself onto her knees and sat up, watching his back.

“But Light, it’s our first night together here,” she all but purred, loving the way the words sounded. Sharing a room, sharing a bed; finally. He was all hers. Misa sat back, resting on her elbows and stretching her legs out in front of her. “Misa thought that we could… sleep together.”

She smiled, a happy flush coloring her cheeks as Light finally turned around to see her spread out before him. There was the briefest moment where it looked like he sighed— but then he was smiling, and making his way toward her. He leaned over her, had to lean over her to put his hands on her shoulders, and it felt like sparks covered her skin at the contact. Misa’s smile turned coy as she looked up at him.

“Misa, I have things that I have to do; I’m acting as both L and Kira now, you know how important it is that I maintain both of those roles to achieve our new world. You go to sleep, alright?”

“But Light,” she protested, moving a bare leg to brush against his. “It’s—”

He cut her off with a kiss, lips suddenly interrupting her flow of words, and she melted into it without another thought of complaint, letting her eyes flutter shut. It was all too soon when he pulled back again, fixing her with that look he gave her when he was begging her to be reasonable. Misa barely saw it, eyes still half lidded and mind swimming.

“Go to sleep.”

“Okay,” she muttered, smiling at him through hazy eyes. Her whole body felt warm from the prolonged touch— his hands were still resting against her bare shoulders. “Misa will be a good girl.”

Light nodded, moving away from her without another word and leaving her to lie back on the bed in a state of near ecstasy. Watching his back as he worked. The warmth left her eventually, and she crawled under the covers, waiting.

He was still working when she fell asleep.
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Hi, you've reached Misa Amane! Sorry I missed your call, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If it's about something super important, try sending me a text. Otherwise just leave your name and number! Talk to you soon~

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[[Continued from this thread. Warnings for sexual content and general horribleness.]]

There's still something distinctly off about this, and Lazarus can't articulate what it is even though he feels it squirming in the pit of his stomach like a sick, wasting parasite. From the outside, this looks like two people who agreed to be together doing things that dating couples do with each other, but it feels like there's weight attached to this, a shift in the power balance.

Even stranger, it almost seems like Misa finds something about atoning natural, going hand in hand with seduction. Is this new, along with her deep attraction to Light Yagami?

The wind shudders in his chest as he exhales. He's already responding to her fingers at the button on his jeans, and it makes him wonder if he's also fucked up for seeing this as something that can conceivably happen following the unsettling revelations of the evening.

"Do you believe me?" she asks quietly, unzipping his jeans. There is no way her intentions are anything but abundantly clear now; she can't tell what Lazarus is thinking, but he seems open to letting her do this.
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Save the Earth Info

Misa Amane
Age: 23
Appearance: 5'0, 100 pounds. Short, cute, petite.

Occupation: Journalist/fashion enthusiast

Full Application: Linked here.

Echoes Received:
1st Echo- 2002:
Triggered by her first kiss, Misa remembers Light Yagami’s face.

2nd Echo
- 1/2015:
Triggered by hearing the name "L", remembers an audio message with a digitized voice accompanied by an ornate L visual playing on TV. It says "I am justice."

3rd Echo
- 1/2015:
Triggered by hearing the name "Rue Ryuzaki," remembers his (L's) face.

4th Echo
- 2/10/2015:
Triggered by using the transporter for the first time, Misa receives a pair of platform shoes from a photoshoot with no memory or significance tied to them yet.

5th Echo
- 2/11/2015:
Triggered by seeing Miria and Issac kill a man, remembers watching her parents be murdered before her eyes.

6th Echo
- 3/1/2015:
Triggered by seeing the pink light over London, transforms to her Other's weight (79lb), losing 20 pounds.

7th Echo
- 3/14/2015: Tier 2.
Triggered by seeing the handcuffs L and Light wore in canon (which Lazarus has received from a previous echo) being worn by Lazarus and his doppelganger. 1) Grows blonde hair in pigtails. 2) Remembers seeing L and Light wearing the handcuffs for the first time:
Misa: "Huh? This is what you meant by being together 24 hours a day? Two guys chained together is gross.. This is what you're into? You were with Light at school, too..."
L: "I'm not doing this because I want to."
Misa: "But Light belongs to me... And if you're always together, then when am I supposed to go on dates with Light?"
L: "The dates will naturally be with the three of us."
Misa: "Wha-??! You're saying we have to kiss in front of you?!"
L: "I didn't say you have to do anything. But I will be watching..."

8th Echo
- 3/14/2015:
Triggered by Misa kissing Lazarus on the cheek, she receives the issue of Eighteen Magazine that she was reading when L and Light came in and she kissed L on the cheek. It features a short article on model Misa-Misa and her upcoming film role.

9th Echo
- 3/14/2015:
Triggered by reading about her "mysterious two month disappearance" in a magazine. Misa remembers that during that time she was restrained and blindfolded. She doesn't know what the containment looked like or why, just the feeling of it.

10th Echo
- 3/14/2015:
Triggered by Lazarus kicking his doppelganger in the face while handcuffed to him. Misa remembers hiding behind a couch as L and Light come to blows, precipitated by L saying "I have just realized something... I wanted you to be Kira."

11th Echo
- 4/9/2015: Tier 2.
Triggered by seeing the pink light over Tokyo. 1) Gains the 'shinigami eyes' allowing her to see the name and lifespan of any living human whose face she sees. 2) Gains the knowledge that her Other forfeited half her life in exchange for this power.

12th Echo-
Triggered by Shou answering, "Killers. Criminals. People with blood on their hands," to her question of who he hunts. Gains the knowledge that Kira only kills criminals.

13th Echo
- 4/10/2015:
Triggered by Nathan using the term 'shinigami eyes' to describe her power, gains the memory of what Rem looks like.

14th Echo-
Triggered by Lazarus saying "I remember a black notebook filled with the names of the people Kira killed." Misa receives the Death Note, currently non-functioning. ((Details on regaining functionality))

15th Echo-
Triggered by seeing a Death Note for the first time. Gains the knowledge that this notebook is called a 'Death Note'.

16th Echo-
Triggered by Misa refering to Hajime as her "knight in shining armor," as she called Light in her past life. Gains the knowledge that she called Light this because he killed the man who murdered her parents.

17th Echo
- 5/2015:
Triggered by Misa writing an alien’s name in the Death Note during the invasion. Nothing happened, but unbeknownst to her, the Notebook can now cause heart attacks. All other functionality still nerfed.

18th Echo
- 10/2015:
Unspecified plot echo. Receives an outfit which goes with the shoes she received from a previous echo (#4). Wearing them together, she echoes back the memory of being attacked by a stalker while she was walking home one night; he demanded that she marry him, and attacked her with a knife when she refused, but then suddenly stopped and started to walk away before collapsing. She ran the entire way back to her apartment.

Raise the Earth Info
Name: Misa Amane
Age: 25
Appearance: 5'0, 85 pounds. Short, cute, petite.

Occupation: Freelance journalist, PR for Shepherd's Haven

Reclaim Application: Linked here.

Echoes Received:
19th Echo- 7/26/2016:
Triggered by touching the slime (it turns into notebook which says Death Note on the front). Misa gains the knowledge that this Death Note was owned by Light Yagami.

20th Echo-
Triggered by reading the name of the man who murdered her Other's parents in the slime-Notebook. She receives what seems to be a page from a diary.

21st Echo- 7/27/2016: Tier 2
Triggered by referring to herself in the third person in a conversation about movie stars. 1) Regains knowledge that her other talked about herself in third person when attempting to be cutesy 2) Regains the quirk itself.

22nd Echo
- 8/10/2016:
Triggered by encountering an apparition (in the form of Light Yagami). She regains a feeling of intense longing and desire when she looks at/thinks about Light.

23rd Echo
- 8/10/2016
Triggered by kneeling in front of Lazarus and begging for his forgiveness, as her Other did toward Light. She gains the memory of that scene, including the following dialogue:
Light: "You killed innocent police officers. How is that different than the man who killed your parents?"
Misa: "Please don't say that to me... To defeat evil there must be sacrifices. That's what you've done, right? I was only doing the same..."

24th Echo- 10/1/2016
Plot echo. Regains a cell phone. On it is a voice recording: “Since I’m Kira and want you to trust me, I will halt the killing of criminals. And once you realize I’m Kira, you’ll marry me, Misa.” “Sure!”

25th Echo- 10/6/2016
Triggered by discovering the voice recording on the cellphone she received through an echo. She remembers Higuchi's face.

26th Echo- 10/30/2016
Triggered by being physically restrained in a chair by Lazarus and being told it is to keep her safe. She receives a memory of being chained to a chair to keep her out of trouble in her previous life:
L: "Sorry Misa-san, but we'll need to make it so you can't move from here."
Misa: "Huh?! What's this?! You've gottan be kidding...!"
Light: "Misa, do as he says."
Misa: "Huh? Okay... Be careful, Light. And Ryuzaki, too."

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Name: Pensulliwen
Are you over 15? Yes
Contact: Pensulliwen @ Plurk and AIM
Current characters in the game: None

Name: Misa Amane
Canon and Medium: Death Note, manga
Age: 23. Her pre-incarnation would be in the middle of a time skip.
Pre-Incarnation Species: Human.
Pre-Incarnation Appearance: Height: 5 feet, weight: 79 pounds, bust size: 30 inches, waist size: 20 inches, and hip size: 29.5 inches. Basically: short, petite, and pretty. Misa is a pop idol with brown eyes and blonde pigtails, plus a fashion sense that is heavily reliant on black, pink, zippers, and frills. She has a round face, which contributes to her young appearance; she can easily pass as a teenager. As typical of many anime, Misa has large, round eyes and pouty lips.
Any Differences: Notable differences are that her hair is much shorter and brunette, she dresses more simply, and she weighs more (5’0, 100 pounds). Still pretty thin, but not pop idol skinny.
Cut because whoo boy it's long )
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Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo
BAG OF DICKS. Okay, they have had the occasional heartfelt conversation, but Tony constantly teases Misa and Misa is overall not a fan of him. Dick. He has kind of good advice that she is going to cover her ears and not listen to, sometimes, but she never gets tired of trolling him.

Ziva David
Misa really likes Ziva. Maaaaybe mostly because she can be used against Tony. >:) WIFEY SAYS YOU HAVE TO INVITE MISA etc. Misa has come to appreciate her as a person beyond just this function, though. While Misa still doesn't think that having a child here is a very good idea, she hopes that somehow it can not end in tragedy for Ziva. (and Tony).

Ishida Uryu
Though she initially latched onto him for gold digger purposes, Misa has grown to legitimately like Ishida. She trusts him to a point, and he is one of the few island-bound people that she would refer to as a friend. They are continuing to grow closer; Ishida was the first and only person on the island that Misa could go to for a good cry for a long time. Curse sex initially drove a wedge between them, especially with Light on the island and the fact that no one had ever treated Misa as well as Ishida did during the event, but they have moved past it. Though Misa has made more friends now, Ishida remains a stable fixture in her life.

Alphonse Elric
They tend to disagree on just about everything, and Al's calm attitude toward the island pisses Misa off to no end, but she does not legitimately dislike Alphonse. Mostly. Though Misa is convinced that he is wrong when it comes to the ideology of punishing criminals (and about everything else), she stumbles into having halfway pleasant conversations with him from time to time. Alphonse is confusing. He does it on purpose, doesn't he?
Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward Elric
Misa still doesn't understand how that alchemy stuff works, but she digs your style bro. Thinks Edward is a little bit of a jerk, and TOTALLY DUMB AND OBLIVIOUS TO LOVE, but likes him. He's a good guy at heart. Don't worry, young one, Misa will help you find love with your clearly-future-wife Winry.
Fullmetal Alchemist

Winry Rockbell
Misa really likes Winry, and officially ships her with Ed like whoa. MUST ENSURE THAT TRUE LOVE PREVAILS. GIRL, GO GET YOUR MAN AND TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL. /popcorn. She is still somewhat confused and a little dubious about Winry's mechanic skills.
Fullmetal Alchemist

Sam Winchester
Well you seem pretty nice and helpful, though not being able to see your name makes her a little :/ Still, he seems like the trustworthy, or at least useful sort. And he's kind of handsome, but that doesn't matter, as she has a fiance. Misa likes Sam pretty well.

Misa thinks that Castiel's ideals are in line with Kira's, and approves on some level (despite MY GOD IS BETTER THAN YOU reflex). However, she was disillusioned by his attempt to stab a non-believer and thinks that he is going about things the wrong way, putting too much emphasis on forcing people to follow him instead of encouraging people to follow him by doing good (aka punishing the wicked). She doesn't think much of him, just another Kira wannabe.

Misa likes her, though they don't talk very often, despite both working at the Opera House. She seems like a nice and very caring person. Misa is... weirded out, knowing that she is a duck (and a princess?) but doesn't treat her much differently because of it. Ahiru was always sort of weird...
Princess Tutu

Their first substantive conversation took place when Rue was in Kraehe mode, so... Misa is aware that she has some issues. But Misa does not take it very seriously. Rue seems a bit snobby and too serious, but overall she's not so bad. Misa respects Rue a lot more after seeing the way she sacrificed herself for Mytho, and thinks that Rue has a beautiful fairytale life. It's too bad that her prince keeps disappearing. Misa feels really bad for her and wishes her happiness. When Rue left the island, she left Misa a collection of classical music records
Princess Tutu

Prince Siegfried
Misa knows him more as "Rue's Prince" than as an actual person, but she likes him a lot based on that alone. He seems sweet, from their few interactions. She wishes that he got to stay in Atia more often, so that Rue wouldn't have to be alone.
Princess Tutu

Music Meister
... God he's a weirdo. What's with all the singing?? Totally weird! Despite thinking that the Meister is not all there, Misa is pleased with how he's running the Opera House and doesn't think that he's too bad a guy. Just strange. He has grown on her over time. She is thankful that he never gets her in trouble, despite her dubious attendance record at work.
Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Aisha Clanclan
Girl, you a little cray. Misa initially didn't like Aisha very much due to her chill attitude toward Atia, but the girl has grown on her. While they are never going to see eye to eye on many things (YOU CANNOT HAVE STRIPPERS AT A WEDDING RECEPTION DEAR GOD AISHA) and she can get on Misa's nerves, they tend to get along pretty well; even if there is some flailing involved. Misa wishes her relationship the best.
Outlaw Star

Esther Blanchett
Misa got off to a REALLY bad start with Esther, throwing a tantrum about the White Day auction at her. But by the end of the conversation, they had come to some sort of understanding, surprisingly enough. Misa doesn't really dislike her, the entire problem was sparked because of Misa's MUST KEEP WIMINZ AWAY FROM LIGHT tendencies and Esther talked her down magnificently. In the end they wound up coming to an agreement over the need to ensure people's safety at the event.
Trinity Blood

Phedre no Delaunay
She makes Misa get her panties in a bunch over the whole issue of monogamy. But Misa has a very difficult time outright disagreeing with what she says, which is a little irritating. STOP MAKING IT HARD TO JUDGE YOU WITH YOUR LOGIC. Misa does at least like that they can agree on the importance of love in sex, and after learning of her timeline related relationship issues, Misa feels more sympathetic toward her.
Kushiel's Legacy

Elizabeth 'Effy' Stonem
Misa is quite convinced that morality is a lot less complex than Effy thinks. Finds her irritating.

Hermione Granger
Misa thinks that she needs to loosen up and give into love! Boys> books. Accept it. Misa likes her, even though she's a little hard to get through to. MISA MISA ROMANTIC ADVICE TO THE RESCUE.
Harry Potter

Creepy alien troll >| Misa is not amused by him nicknaming her "Jar-Jar." The reference continues to go over her head, likely for the best. She deeply suspects that he is a nerd.

Kyoko Mogami
Misa likes this one. She seems sweet and non-threatening, to the point of being naive. It's rare to find someone even less willing to talk about sex than Misa! But Misa thinks that she's totally wrong about love, she doesn't get how wonderful romance is at all. Misa will DEFINITELY prove her wrong by finding her a boyfriend!!
Skip Beat!

SCARY MOTHER. Why so scary ;; That is... about all there is to say, about Misa's impression of Beast.

Weirdo who thinks he can talk to snakes. Erm. Freak. Misa will attempt to play nice for Doll's sake. She feels a little bad for him, but what does he expect, acting like that...? Still, he's not that bad. Misa has made it her mission to get him talking more for himself.

Kasugano Tsubaki
FREAK. Misa is half convinced that she is actually brainwashed by Atia... because she doesn't want to believe that someone can really want to "worship" Atia this way. Misa will insist that she is brainwashed either way just to piss her off. This woman is bad and she should feel bad.
Mirai Nikki

Taigong Wang
Misa has him pinged as someone who could be useful in the event that powers come back. Seems like a cool guy.
Dynasty Warriors

Sūn Shàngxiāng
Misa likes her. Bitching about Atia/rebellion buddy!
Dynasty Warriors

BITCH. SCARY, SHORT BITCH. Misa is very much not a fan of SF. There is a mixture of wanting to claw her eyes out and also being terrified of her. That something sketchy happened between her and Light back during that terrible week only makes Misa hate her even more. Smug, boyfriend stealing, crazy-cat-lady.Why so scary?

Katniss Everdeen
These two don't exactly see eye to eye. Misa doesn't hate Katniss, but she doesn't approve of her Tony-liking ways. Meanwhile, Misa reminds Katniss of a certain pink-wigged woman back home. They come from very different worlds and have a hard time finding common ground because of it. But they can be civil, most of the time. If nothing else, Misa appreciates that Katniss wants to kill Atia too.
The Hunger Games

Leon Kennedy
Misa only has a passing acquaintance with him, as Cookie's old owner. She thinks of him fairly favorably, since he did not try to steal her cat away from her. A little too serious, maybe.
Resident Evil

Angela Montenegro
Another silly person under the impression that Tony is a good person. Hah. They haven't interacted much, but Misa side eyes her for that alone.

Kurt Hummel
Hating Atia bitch-buddies! Misa doesn't know Kurt well, but she sympathizes with him for trying to make it through curses without having to cheat or die. And the Atia hate. The Atia hate is always nicest when it's shared.

Gracia Hughes
BABY. SHE HAS A BABY. FROM HOME. That is about all that Misa knows about Gracia, and it is intriguing. It's a relief to know that the child will go home with her, when the time comes.
Fullmetal Alchemist

Elaine Belloc
Misa's roommate, who puts up with far more from Misa than is strictly required. Misa likes her quite a bit, and thinks of her as someone who can be counted on. She is the helpful sort, and Misa is never one to turn those services down.
Lucifer (DC)

Van Hohenheim
He seems like a really smart guy. It must be really awkward having your dad here! Misa hopes that he approves of Edward and Winry's relationship...
Fullmetal Alchemist

Santana Lopez
Having been introduced to Santana during the marriage event, Misa is under the impression that she is a true romantic. Singing to her lover over the network? SUCH a good idea! Misa is ashamed not to have thought of it sooner. She is a little unsure about introducing Santana to the Opera House, though. Wouldn't want to be upstaged by anyone.

Yuugi Hishiguma
Misa has mixed feelings here. On the one hand, she does not appreciate Yuugi all but breaking in and kidnapping Light while he was in a feverish state, despite Misa telling her to wait! But on the other hand, it's probably for the best that she got him to the hospital... whatever, Misa still isn't happy with the weirdo giant lady >T
Touhou Project

Another woman Misa has complicated feels for. There is the lingering awkwardness from the marriage curse, the flailing over her skinnydipping habbit, being knocked out by her and carried to a hospital, her questionable relationship with Light. Misa is still prone to getting jealous over her, despite Alexiel's assurance that she sees Light as a child and Light's assurance that he doesn't think of her as a woman. But she did save Light's life, and help him get stronger. Plus she is pretty nice to Misa most of the time. Misa can't really hate her, but she can be forever suspicious.
Angel Sanctuary

Satan Belial aka Mad Hatter
Misa really likes him! She appreciates his flattery and encouragement of her relationship with Light, even thought she couldn't possibly propose to Light like Belial suggested. He seems really nice, Misa has gone to the circus to see him perform and was duely impressed. She is under the impression that the Hatter is a man.
Angel Sanctuary

Mary Winchester
Misa likes her well enough. It must be so weird being stuck in Atia with aged-up sons! Misa feels bad for her for that. Plus it seems like they both have dead parents, so there's that.

Haruno Sakura
They sympathized together about Atia making relationships suck via curses. Misa likes her, and can certainly relate.

Shameless woman!! You don't just make posts talking about- that! Fear not, Misa will find you a boyfriend despite this deep character flaw. Somehow.
Samurai Warriors

Kira Sakuya
Misa pretty much dislikes him on principle, for being named Kira. She has nicknamed him Tiny K :| It's totally going to catch on. As a person though, he doesn't seem so bad. Misa is definitely interested in him as Alexiel's not-boyfriend.
Angel Sanctuary

HOW DO YOU MAGICALLY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT MISA? Story threads?? Aksksda;jsdf. Edel makes Misa very. nervous. for the aforementioned reason. But when distracted by stories of fairytales come to life, Misa has no real problem with Edel, and finds her oddly easy to talk to. Misa at once wants to hear more about her world, and thinks that it would be best not to talk to her at all. But it all sounds so magical...
Princess Tutu

Orihara Izaya
Misa trusts Izaya about as far as she could throw him. He seems deeply suspect and she does NOT like how he seems to question her completely loving relationship with Light. But she does like that he seems to share her understanding of how evil SF is, and hopes that he will man up and make bad things happen to her.

Bestest girl friend in the world! Maraich is pretty much Misa's wondertwin and she is so happy to have someone around who gets it. From complaining about their significant others to breaking and entering and conspiring to murder the occasional evil-doer, they are frighteningly compatible. Misa still somewhat thinks of Maraich as a woman rather than a gay man in her head, but she doesn't voice this aloud. One of the few non-Light people that Misa actually feels close to.

Ryan Evans
Mr. Boss Man at the Opera House. Misa likes his enthusiasm and really likes that he doesn't give her a hard time for being a less than stellar employee.
High School Musical

Kongeriket Norge (Norway)
They had one short, polite conversation regarding people going home. Misa is a little curious what happened to make him ask, but she didn't pry.
Axis Powers Hetalia

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